Sunday, November 1, 2009

and it begins

I have this idea.

It's called the Neverland Untitled Album Club. It started with me thinking about joining a book club to do more free reading, but since I like music more than books, this idea just developed organically from that. "Neverland" because shit like this makes me think I'm a little kid with no real responsibility. I like "Untitled Album Club" more...but we'll see. Here's the idea:

Every two weeks, we switch off choosing one full music album for the rest of the group to listen to. Everyone must (try to) listen to the album three full times from start to finish. The first two times can be during other things or activites: watching a World Series game, doing laundry, painting, whatever. However, the third listen must be alone, doing nothing else. If you have specific comments that you'd like to write down during the first two listens, go right ahead, but the idea would be to really try and comment about the album's progression the third and final time. These entries or comments could be about the nature of how the music sounds to you, what you like or don't like, how you feel about the experience, or what it makes you think of. Everything is fair game, as long as it somehow relates back to the music listening experience itself.

The music that you pick is up to you - it could be the most familiar thing in the world or the most obscure. It just has to move you, in some way. That's the only requirement.

If you'd like to be involved, let me know. I'll make everyone interested an admin and then make this blog private.

I know that you probably have a lot to do and might not be able to participate every time, and that's fine. But think about how often you think about discovering new music and how great you feel when you first realize this new and different band you've just been introduced to is really good. Even with everything available to me at anytime, I still often struggle with this. And I'm always looking for the next band to adore. So, who wants in?


  1. Pour some sugar on me, in the name of love.

  2. i'm in. but you should get a new blog with the correct name.

  3. I will. I just want to get a solid list before I change the URL, which can be done right within this blog