Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Potwashers Perspective

Well first I'll put some thangs I jotted down while listening...

-Lots of cool weird sounds, which is totally awesome
-For some reason I was reminded of Alice in Chains + Pavement + Auolux (obv)
-Saturday Saviour = Supernova (KC QUILTY)
-Pillowhead = my favorite song, verse is a Nirvana rip-off

Right, so anyway, Sarah (sadie?) had played me this album before, but I hadn't really paid too much attention since we were at Bucks Rock and all I could think about was those motherfucking pots. She was real adamant about it's good-ness so I was glad that this album club gave me an excuse to download it off a random blog and listen.

Since I feel it necessary to quickly compare Failure to Autolux, I must say I like Ken Andrew's awesome 90's voice better than Eugene Goreshter's 'light moan.' (/expects to be murdered by Sadie)

I really loved the songs on the album with the "epic" drum beats and awesome sounding guitar solos. Sounds like the new Muse album on paper but they found a way to make them just be fucking awesome and not extremely extremely annoying.

The lyrics are kinda depressing (and maybe a little cheesy), I think...
I'm never gonna make you feel
That you're satisfied
I'm never gonna feel your pain
Like you wish I would

-Saturday Savior

I'm so ashamed to love no one
My ego's bent and my prides undone


Stuck on you 'til the end of time
I'm too tired to fight your rhyme
Stuck on you 'til the end of time
You've got me paralyzed

-Stuck On You

So to sum it up, I liked pretty much everything about it. If I had to come up with two complaints, the first would be that some of the songs don't feel too different from each other. But that's okay because it's a long album, so if some of the songs mesh, it's probably a good thing. Also, the lyrics are fairly emo and (I think) lame at some parts. But other than that, it's really good. Good pick, Sarah.


  1. stuck on you is about a catchy song

  2. i'm pretty sure pillowhead is about masturbation, possibly with a pillow

  3. supernova > saturday savior

    I think its my least favorite song on the album

  4. that's probably why i like it, sadie...didn't you think of that!!!???!?