Monday, November 2, 2009

we're growing

So interest has been very warm and it seems like we can get this up and running this week. I picked a two week listening period in the interest of time, but if this thing gets going we can certainly shorten it to one week. It's also totally okay to want to join but not really be held to any posting requirements; this isn't meant to be work, after all. If all you want to do is participate by listening and reading the other posts, that's fine too. The only thing you'd have to do is pick an album when it's your turn.

When the club's member base starts to take shape I'll post a list of randomly chosen names that represents who chooses the next album. That list will be updated with people's choices and will act as a quick reference as to who's chosen what and the progression of the club.

Sadie - you're going to be first. So get ready. To rock.

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