Monday, November 2, 2009

one day more

As of this time tomorrow night, the first session of the untitled album club will have begun. Thanks to everyone that's responded! It looks like there's going to be a lot of activity, so let's have some fun with this.

For now, I opened the commenting up to everyone. I'll moderate the comments posted to make sure that things don't get too obscene or irrelevant, but those without Blogger accounts should now be able to contribute.

Sadie, tomorrow, will kick off the club with the first album selection. From that point, you will have until next Wednesday, November 18 to listen to the album and get a real feel for it as a distinct musical work. The time period is still tentative; we can adjust the listening period to match our activity and needs. There will also be a list of who's going to be making upcoming selections. The comments and reactions to the music should be as loose or as serious as you want it to be - there will be no judging of others here! If you love it, say so, and tell us why. If you hate it, we want to know that too! As long as it somehow relates to the music at hand, it's on-topic.

Here we go.

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